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Girls Preparatory School – Ground Breaking Women

Sonia Sotomayor

Bonnie St. Charles is currently a senior at Girls Preparatory School. She is a competitive equestrian and will be entering Duke University in the fall, with plans to study English and French Studies.

Fleming Farrow is also a senior at Girls Preparatory School. She is a senior member of Key Club and participates in after school tutoring programs around the city. She plans to pursue a career in venture capitalism.


Susan B. Anthony

Lauren Hood, a senior at GPS, is on the GPS/McCallie Blue Crew and is headed to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in the fall.

Taylor Thomas is a senior at GPS and is a GPS Ambassador and volunteers in the admission and development offices.

Tara Shanahan is a senior at GPS and on the Cross Country and Track teams. She is headed to Texas Christian University in Fort Wort, TX in the fall.

Sandra Day O’Connor

Alyx Labbe is a senior at Girls Preparatory School and is involved in the theater program and the coordinate choir with McCallie.

Rachel Hadden is a senior at Girls Preparatory School and is an officer of Terpsichord, the school’s modern dance company.


Eleanor Roosevelt

Katie Morgan is a senior at Girls Preparatory School. She enjoys playing sports and is interested in the math and science field.

Taylor Pels, also a senior at Girls Preparatory School, is a cheerleader and yearbook editor. She is interested in pursuing a pre-med path in college.


Nancy Pelosi

Taylor Walden, currently a senior at GPS, loves playing soccer and participating in community service. She is attending Southern Methodist University next year and plans on majoring in Business Management and Marketing.

Shannon Han, a senior at GPS, is a member of the school’s dance company and is very active in the community. She doesn’t know where she plans on going to college, but she hopes to pursue a degree in medicine.


Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Haley Haren and Michelle Fleenor are current seniors at Girls Preparatory School in Chattanooga, TN. Haley is the GPS Honor Council President and co-captain of the GPS Crew Team. Haley will be attending the University of Tampa to major in Graphic Design in the fall of 2014. Michelle Fleenor, a future student at Washington and Lee University will be playing tennis and following a history and pre-law career path.


Condoleezza Rice

Lauchlan Davis is a high school senior at Girls Preparatory School and is planning to attend the University of Virginia in the fall. She is an enthusiastic history student, talented painter, and coxswain on the GPS rowing team.

Madeline Bickerstaff is a high school senior at Girls Preparatory School. She is a member of the GPS cross country team and intends to pursue a biology major in college.



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